Is not important what type of Notebook / Laptop you have ..can be any :

Acer, Dell, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Msi, Samsung

With this tool, you can detect what type of hardware parts have inside your Laptop / Notebook and then you can download PROPER Driver.

Also with this tool you can detect operating system or firmware, serial number etc.


If you want this software then you can download it from here for 32 bits and from here for 64 bits .

We recommend to use this softwarem because many manufacturers have from a Model, other Models and sometime are preaty hard to know what driver you need to download and install.

Maybe you know other software better than this HwinNfo?


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Acer, Lenovo, Msi, HP, Asus, Dell, Samsung, Sony Vaio, Toshiba